California, You Sure Are Crazy…

But that is why I love you so!

I took off work this last Friday to go with my wonderful mother down to Palm Springs to Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa.


It was such a great time! I love myself a good mother-daughter weekend.  We got to do so much talking about my dad and my husband and all of the great people in our lives.  We spent the weekend feeling very grateful for what we have and even those we’ve lost.


^^Me and my mother at Essence^^

It is actually interesting-my mom, who as you can pretty plainly see is going through chemo treatments for breast cancer at the moment (though she looks spectacular!) says that, in some ways, she feels better than she has since my dad was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2011.  She feels like her cancer diagnosis has been a kick in the butt from the universe telling her to get happy and start enjoying her life because you never know when it is going to end.  She feels she will eventually go to join my father wherever it is that one goes when they leave us, but she knows this isn’t her time, so she better get to enjoying what’s left of her very blessed life.  Her enthusiasm for life is part of what brought us to Two Bunch this last weekend.  Sucking the marrow out of life is going to Palm Springs to sun in late November!

photo (1)

I made my mom take my modeling shots to show off this amaze-balls swimming suit that I adore. How hot is it?!



Chai face mask by the pool before my massage. Mom says I look like Jim Carrey from The Mask

While at Two Bunch, we took full advantage of the amazing amenities.  I always feel so pampered when I get to hang with mom.  Woman knows how to do it up right.  We had a fabulous dinner one night at Essence, the restaurant at the resort and headed out into Palm Springs proper to eat at Trio the next night.  We love Trio.  Great food and a fun crowd.  I forgot to take pictures, but I did link to it, so check it out if you are headed down there.

Lastly, I just thought you all should know that Two Bunch is extra special great because they have a lake and you can feed the ducks, fish, and turtles (or as my husband calls them, swimmies).  That was a ton of fun!


Meanwhile, Max was up in SF having dinner at The French Laundry and all sorts of other amazing places for Flynn McGarry‘s 17th birthday.  Yes, my husband’s best friend is a 17 year old, but he acts 35.  Still weird? A little.  It is great that we are both getting to have adventures.  Sure, we wish we could share them with each other, but this pictures of swimmies that I texted him will have to do until we are reunited permanently.


The most important thing I got out of this trip was time with my mom.  We talked, we cried, we crack each other up!  I am such a lucky little green-faced daughter.  Never take your people for granted.

Next up, I tackle some Thanksgiving! I’ll be making the leek bread pudding.  Max, though flying in on Thanksgiving Day, will be handling the green bean casserole, mom is making 2 pies and we are all coming together at my in-laws’ house in Santa Monica this year.  I can’t wait to start hosting my own holidays.  Like. Can. Not. Wait. But with Max not living in LA and all, I think this is the best way for us all to be together this year.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving from MTMC!


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