No love.

photo (2)

I’ve been realizing that because I’m dissatisfied with my work life, and let’s face it, because I have no one to impress with Hubby living in SF, that I’ve been dressing like a total schlub to work lately.  Today is actually no exception.  But, dammit, yesterday was!

My company was having its annual Thanksgiving dinner, and I knew there would likely be cameras to document the occasion, so I gussied my ass up a little bit and wore this incredible orange silk dress and this great coat with the big faux fur collar.  I even broke out the really expensive peep-toe loafers that I bought on this whim coming out of my therapist’s office when I was in college. A little retail therapy on top of the traditional kind. Turned out they were totally worth it, but I was just being an idiot at the time.

Anyway, this outfit got no love from my colleagues and no photos taken of it, so I came home and loved it up on my own in our bedroom with Smudge keeping me company but, like everyone else, not caring about my smashing fall outfit.

Oh well, I love you, outfit!



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