The Perfect Gift.

I am unfortunately not an expert at finding everyone on my holiday lists the most thoughtful presents.  Thankfully in the Malanga family, we all exchange lists of all the really boring things we need to function (i.e. New filter for my hepa filter, anyone? New electric toothbrush? Mine won’t hold a charge anymore.)

I used to think my best friend, Arin, gave the perfect gift.  She does always get something funky and cool for me, but that’s just her personality.  Then I met my mother-in-law (“MIL”).  MIL buys gifts for a living.  She is the buyer at Gracie, the store within the Santa Monica Museum of Art.  She literally travels the country all year picking out gifts, so she always wins.  Not that it’s a contest.  I just like to be really good at everything.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a text from my other best friend Laura who lives in Brooklyn, NY of the following picture:

Laura's Engaged!

Laura’s Engaged!

Of course, I called and congratulated them immediately on their engagement.  I maybe cried a little bit.  They came into town for Thanksgiving, so I caught them at Cactus before our high school reunion, which I did not attend, to give them a card and the perfect gift.


Fork not included :)

Fork not included 🙂

Above is a set of 4 napkins each imprinted with the love letter of one of our great authors/writers from Gracie.  Laura was ecstatic.  Dan, her fiance, thought they were lovely.  IMHO, it is perfect for an engagement.  Not too overly expensive as to be a wedding gift, but full of romance.  You guys, I think I finally found the perfect gift.

Happy Engagement to My BFF and her amazing fiance *Dan!

*A note on Dan that you may find interesting: Dan was my high school boyfriend.  We dated for about 3 years into our first year at USC together.  In the fall of that first semester, Dan decided we should split, so we did, but it sucked for a long minute there.  Later in my time in college, Dan and I reconnected, because he had a SWEET party house.  I met my husband there.  Also, in case you were wondering, Laura never came between Dan and me.  She was even sweet enough to call and ask my permission before starting to date him even though I was living with my current husband at the time and had been for years.  These are good people.  She is one of the very best!  Now they will be married, and I get to keep them both in my life forever!


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