Good Ones.


You may have noticed the beginning of my break-down on Friday.  It would have been hard to miss.  I know it is just the beginning of a very difficult holiday season for me, but at least I have a wonderful support system to help get me through it.

First shout out goes to my lovely Susan.  A dear friend since college, she is a wonderful listener and she let me bitch and moan all through our gchat on Friday while we both worked our lame jobs.  She is a sounding board, a real shoulder on which I can cry, and probably the most considerate woman I’ve ever met.  I may not have made it through Friday to watch Peter Pan Live without her.

Susan loving on me during my bachelorette weekend in Ojai.

Susan loving on me during my bachelorette weekend in Ojai.

It doesn’t hurt that she is stylish and beautiful to boot, but honestly, all of my friends are.  I have simply gorgeous friends inside and out.

P.S. I didn’t think Peter Pan Live was as horrible as everyone thought.  Maybe it helped that I had DVR-ed it and didn’t have to sit there for 3 hours, but I found it entertaining enough.

Saturday was kind of a mess.  I finally got my hair cut so I look like I’m supposed to.  However, while I was sitting getting my roots colored, I got a text from my mom saying she was having some sort of severe allergic reaction to something and was all puffy and covered head to toe in itchy hives!  She sent me pictures.  I will do you the respect of not posting them here.  Ick!

We all felt uncomfortable leaving her alone (like, what if her throat closed up or something?), so I went over there and stayed with her all night.  It was not my plan for Saturday, but you take care of family.  No questions asked.  It was my pleasure.

She ended up not getting any worse that day.  Last night she was rushed to the ER because, indeed, her throat did start closing up.  They mainlined her all sorts of drugs and kept her overnight.  I feel awful because I fell asleep so early last night that I didn’t hear any of their calls and didn’t even know my mom was in the ER until this morning.  How can I make it so I’ll wake up to the sound of a phone ringing?!  This is not the first time this has happened to me.  My husband says I sleep like the dead, but honestly, it is dangerous.

On Sunday, I had brunch on the Venice Boardwalk with my good friend, Chiara, and her roommate, Ari.  Chiara lost her father when we were in college together.  I had no idea what she was going through at the time, but she’s been kind enough to walk me through this process, anyway.  She is a far better friend to me than I was to her.  She let me sob a little about missing my dad and husband.  She hugged me.  I love her.

Brunch on the Venice Boardwalk.

Brunch on the Venice Boardwalk.

Later, I went to MIL’s house and we put my very first Christmas card together.  I’m not showing it to you until I get the prints back, but suffice it to say, I’m uber proud of both my photography skills and MIL’s Photoshop abilities.

Cherish the good ones.  They will get you to the other side.


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