Patterned Tights.

You’ve held out to the final second, bared those legs a few weeks longer, but it’s officially time for tight season—yay or nay?  I love the polished look that throwing on a pair of tights under a structured dress gives, but why aren’t they just easier to get on? I sorta hate how they bunch up around your ankles and knees and require all that adjusting.  That’s like 3 minutes of my morning that I don’t really have.

I have been very inspired by people around me and the amazing ways to wear patterned tights this winter as pictured below.  Tights have also come a long way from just being available in solid colors. They now come in many prints and colors so you can have fun with tights and add that extra pop of color to your outfit. Tights are great to wear with boots or flats (or those awesome taupe sandals below) paired with a great dress or skirt.  Some will tell you they look great with shorts, too.  I’m still skeptical.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

To be totally honest, I die for the picture on the top right.  The white tights with the taupe shoe! Girl looks like a princess and totally full of grace and you can’t even see past her lower thigh.  That has got to be saying something.

I was also struck by the floral patterns I’ve been seeing.  I actually own a pair of bright-as-fuck floral tights that were gifted to me.  I generally play it safe where tights are concerned, so I turned to these pictures for inspiration and decided to try my own daring (but work-appropriate) looks with my patterned tights yesterday.

My attempts at patterned tight success.

My attempts at patterned tight success.

Please excuse the first picture that I took hiding in a closet a work.  The second picture is something I would love to wear, but haven’t made it out of the house in yet.  I have taken the individual components and hung them on my husband’s suit rack so they are very visible to me.  I think it is so feminine and pretty with the sheer white top and mini-skirt (but very business-y, as well), but the tights and red lipstick add that totally necessary pop!  Can’t wait to do printed tights outfit #2 one day this winter.

How’d I do with my foray into the world of floral tights?  Do we like?


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