Letter to WAZE App.

Hey Waze,

First off, you should be commended right away for kicking Google Maps’ butt right out of the gate (and Google, how can your maps app not consider traffic conditions, road closures, etc.?!  You are missing the boat).

Ultimately, I think in most circumstances, you only save me 10 minutes or so per drive at most, but that’s not even what I really love about you.  What I REALLY love about you, Waze, is how you have forced me to drive all over Los Angeles and discover all these hidden gems of streets about which I would never have otherwise known.

I especially love our drives through Hancock Park and the surrounding areas.  I used to just drive from Burbank over Highland to Wilshire, but that’s for the old, boring people now.  I explore uncharted (by me) territory every day with you.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

Yesterday we saw this great Spanish style house with all sorts of Christmas-y lawn decorations.  A few blocks down, this more traditional house with the Christmas light-lined windows and beautiful arches.  There are some of those light-up deer on the front lawn, as well, but they are difficult to see.  Not that I’m all about the Christmas lights, but I’m all about the Christmas lights.  I just stopped there in the middle of the EMPTY street during rush hour in LA and took in these sights.

You do this for me every evening on our drive home.  It is not always holiday season, but I always get to see new things around LA, and I so appreciate that.   Sayonara, old route home from work!  Waze and I are going adventuring!

Uh-hum, I’m not done, though, Waze.  There are some things about you that don’t sit as well with me.  For example, the reason I don’t use you for my morning commute is because your directions are fucking quick.  I just don’t have those kind of reflexes before 11am.  Also, it is kind of douchey when you ask me to cross Olympic (a four lane street) during rush hour.  Also, while I appreciate the warnings of heavy traffic ahead or police coming up, I could really do without the warning that there is a car on the shoulder (which rarely, if ever, affects anyone) several times each drive.

Those are just some things you might want to consider working on, so that we can continue our wonderful daily adventures through Los Angeles together.

All in all, Waze, I’m a big fan and everyday user, so you deserve a pat on the back, because I am not an avid app accumulator, but I’ve chosen you.

See you tonight on the drive home,



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