Emptying The Fridge.

I’m not a big cook.  Hubby does most of that.  Or he did before the move.  However, wanting to stay somewhat slim (meaning no pizza delivery every night-boo!) and wanting to improve on my wifey skills for our eventual reunion, I’ve started to cook every now and again even if it is just for myself, which I hate.

I look up recipes in Google that include the words “healthy”, “quick”, and “easy”.  I’m not venturing too far out there or anything.

When I made the leek bread pudding for Thanksgiving, the recipe called for 5 cups of leeks.  Unless you have worked a lot with leeks, I think that is a terrible direction.  Leeks don’t come in cups and it is very hard to estimate how many leeks of various sizes would comprise even 1 cup, let alone 5.  Anyway, I ended up with about 5 extra cups of leeks after Thanksgiving-that’s about 6 leeks, in case you were wondering.

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for lentils, so I made a lentil stew that called for coconut milk, another ingredient I would never have cause to use otherwise.  It called for 1 cup.  The container I had to buy had about 6 cups in it.

With leeks and coconut milk threatening to rot away in my fridge, I Googled “leeks coconut milk healthy easy quick” and got a great recipe for CARAMELIZED LEEK AND CHICKEN COCONUT CURRY

Simple Ingredients:
1 T butter
1 T olive oil
4 leeks, white and green parts, cleaned and diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 T green curry paste
2 T coriander pesto (What the fuck? I just bought regular pesto and threw a bunch of coriander in it because I’m a big cheater.)
4 chicken breasts, cut into chunks
1 cup chicken stock
1 cup coconut milk
2 T coriander, chopped
Cooking instructions:
Heat the butter and olive oil in a saucepan over a medium heat.Add the leeks and sauté until caramelised.Add the garlic and curry paste. Cook for 2 minutes.

Add the coriander pesto and chicken. Cook for 2 minutes, until browned.

Add the stock and coconut milk, and allow to simmer for a few minutes.

Add the coriander.

Cook’s note: coriander pesto is available from delis or make your own by blending ½ cup chopped coriander and 50 g cashew nuts with a drizzle of olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon. (So yes, if this is a big priority for you, coriander pesto is a thing you can actually buy if you like running around town to several groceries stores/delis or you can make pesto, which is not hard, but also not super quick).
Recipe via http://www.tastemag.co.za/Recipe-603/Caramelised-leek-and-chicken-coconut-curry.aspx
Even with my improvisations, this dish came out nicely and pretty.  I did have to make it spicier, though, but that’s just a personal curry preference.  I made cauliflower rice for a bedding and ate 2 servings, so there are still leftovers.  But ya know what there’s not? 6 leeks and a carton of coconut milk in my fridge going bad!
photo 3 (1)

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