How Productive Feels.

On Friday, I got to the office at 7am as opposed to my usually stroll in around 9:15.  I allowed myself to wear Cashmere pants to make this palatable.  I did pretty much a full day of work at the office and got to leave by 3pm.

I had a date with Mom Malanga to go holiday shopping at the mall near her house.  It actually is, to me, the greatest mall in SoCal, so I didn’t mind making the trek to the Valley.  It is my opinion that there is almost no better place to experience Christmas than at a mall (on a weekday).  I love the Christmas tunes blasting in every store, the garlands, gold bells, Santa’s Village, and giant Christmas tree.  I know there is that downside about lines and people turning evil overcome with Christmas anxiety, but I somehow see past all that and enjoy participating in two of my favorite things in life: shopping and Christmas.

Mom and I knoshed on some Stone Oven bread with basil garlic dipping sauce (not on any diet!) and split a Coke from a glass bottle, because it is always better than a can and constitutes a special treat in my book.  Then we had some gifting missions to accomplish, and I may have gotten a few things for myself.  Not much, not much, she says guiltily.

I was thinking of Max, of course.  When am I not? So I forced my beleaguered mother to snap this shot of me to send to Max for his nightly text.  I knew he would love that I was driving the doggy and kitty ambulance-saving pet lives all over the mall!

photo (11)

All missions accomplished, my mom was feeling weak and wanting to head home.  It was only 9pm, for God’s sake!  What a party pooper! Ha! Well, the mall was closing, so it all worked out.  We had out-shopped the mall, but that barely scratched the surface of all the Christmas mall exploring I would have liked to have done.  I didn’t even get to stop into Zara.  Next time 🙂

When I got home that night around 10, I was full of all of this energy.  It felt like a Saturday-so far removed from all the office suck.  I forgot I had been there that very day!  I guess that is how it feels to be one of those super productive people.  You can almost literally turn 1 day into 2, which is kind of magic, if you ask me.  I LOVED the feeling, and will likely not be doing that again for a very, very long time.

(Don’t forget I had to wake up in the middle of the night to accomplish this.)


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