Hubby’s Adventure: Napa Edition

Traveling with my husband is my favorite of our activities we do together.  There is something about seeing new things together and having novel experiences that is so bonding.  It’s about creating memories that you can look back on for years to come knowing you shared them with each other.  Max and I have had some of our all-time best life moments in New York (the first time he said “I love you”), Japan, Palm Springs, Napa, Chicago, and France (where he proposed), and a whole bunch more New York.  I may even be forgetting some weekends away, but that covers the main vacations we’ve taken together as a couple.  We are magic when we travel together.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why it is so hard on us to be apart.  We never got a honeymoon because he was just starting a new job.  We were planning a trip to Thailand.  We haven’t vacationed together since the France engagement trip.  On the bright side, I have about a week’s worth of vacation time that is transferring to next year, so perhaps I’ll get my couple’s vacation in 2015.

Still, we are adventuring.  I’ve traveled with my family some – like to Palm Springs with Mom Malanga, and I’m ever so glad that my Hubs is getting to have some adventures of his very own, too.

This last weekend, Hubby and his Saison floor team, were invited to Verite Estate by Regal Wine Co.  The trip did not disappoint.  Max had a wonderful time partying with his colleagues and other wine professionals.  I have a feeling they may have even gotten more rowdy than he’d share with me.  That means he had fun.  I told him to take lots of pictures so I could join him on his solo adventures in Napa.

Max's Napa Adventure!

Max’s Napa Adventure!

I love the picture of him above in the helicopter.  Not only is he a good looking fellow, but he’s got this smirk on his face like he’s trying to be cool, but he just can’t entirely control himself because he knows it is so ridiculous that he is being chauffeured around in a fucking helicopter.

The had some amazing meals in Napa.  I know they went to Redd for lunch one of the days, and I know they had an amazing meal at the Estate one of the evenings.  My boy did not go hungry or thirsty (see tasting flights above)!

These wine retreats would have me swinging from the chandeliers before crashing violently into a pool of my own vomit.  Let’s just say I would not be able to hold my own among the professionals.

I love you, Hubby.  So glad you got to have this fabulous trip.  You deserve it in every way.  Maybe next time we’ll get to go adventuring together!


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