Turning 29 #2

My actual birthday was a heartwarming day for sure.  My family and friends did not hesitate to show their love on Facebook and Instagram and in my office.

My mom has chemo today, the day after my birthday, so we knew she wouldn’t be up for too much in the coming days; even Christmas.  Instead, she took me out for lunch.  Don’t laugh, but we went to Claim Jumper.  They opened one right across the street from my office and there is no one in the world that I would ever let walk into a Claim Jumper with me except my OF.  I am married to the head sommelier at a 3*Michelin restaurant.  As a general rule, he won’t even eat at chain restaurants at all, so when I’m not with Hubby, sometimes I eat really gross food.  This was one of those times.  It was extra special because I ordered these awesome, totally unrefined, honey pineapple margaritas and had one of those boozy lunches with mom.

Gettin' my lunch booze on.

Gettin’ my lunch booze on.

I think she was feeling a little down about how the chemo is affecting her, but we are all so grateful that the side effects aren’t much, much worse.  They certainly could have been.  Today she has her 4th chemo infusion out of 6.  We are more than half-way to the end of chemo! Yay, my beautiful mother!  You are going to feel so much better in the coming year!

When I returned from lunch, I found two stunning flower arrangements waiting for me; a gorgeous white one featuring calla lilies, my favorite flower, from my beloved and a beautiful festive arrangement from my lovely Susan.

photo (12)

There are these little green balls in the one from Susan that just kill me.  Love’em!  People keep stopping by my desk to smell the super fragrant white bouquet.

Can we say that I am one MF-ing lucky girl to have such wonderful folks thinking of me on my birthday?!  Yes, we can.

I left work and drove to my brother and Allison’s new digs in Beverlywood.  They are living so close to me now!  It is the LA version of walking-distance: a 5 minute car ride.  I am so excited!  So we hung out there for a bit working up an appetite (take that as you will), before heading to Mexikosher, a Kosher Mexican restaurant run by a Mexican-Japanese chef.

Tacos at Mexikosher. Yum!

Tacos at Mexikosher. Yum!

It is kind of like a really fancy Chipotle, according to my brother.  In other words, you get in line and follow the steps:

  • Taco, Burrito, Salad, Nachos, or Rice Bowl
  • Pick Your Meats: Birria (lamb & beef in mixed dried chilies, braised for 14 hours); Carnitas (beef & duck confit for 18 hours); Carne Asada (grilled steak marinated in fresh herbs and garlic); and chicken breast (charbroiled and marinated in a secret Mayan mix of spices with a citrus aroma)
  • Pick Your Condiments: Serrano aioli, Chipotle roasted salsa, Peanut salsa, Mango habanero tomatillo, Huajillo roasted tomato and garlic; Roasted jalapeno ghost chili, Thai jungle, Ranch, Sesame garlic, and Mole.

It all comes with black beans over yellow rice.  I am so happy to know about this place that’s right around the corner from me.  Sometimes you just want a beef & duck confit burrito, ya know? haha

Chef Katsuji Tanabe, a top 5 contestant on this season’s Top Chef, is in the kitchen, a Mexico-raised, half-Japanese veteran of the line at Bastide, a former sous at Mastro’s, and until recently, the exec chef at Shiloh’s steakhouse.  MexiKosher is housed in a space that supposedly features stone mined from The Western Wall (mining The Western Wall doesn’t sound too kosher itself).  You can see it in the picture below of my brother, Max, and his girlfriend, Allison.

Max Malanga and Allison. <3 <3 <3

Max Malanga and Allison.

Obviously, I let them treat me to a Mexican Coke, too.  Nothing beats that real-ass sugar!


From what I read, Chef Tanabe, a partner and co-owner here, plans to introduce new menus each week.  More reasons to go back!

Thank you, Max & Allison for the fantastic 1st birthday dinner!  Thanks for keeping me company on my birthday.  I love you guys immensely and always will.

And, of course, thank you to everyone else, my unbeatable husband included, for making me feel so loved on my birthday this year.  I hope I am deserving.  I will try to be.


3 thoughts on “Turning 29 #2

  1. Happy birthday! When I first saw the title I thought you meant you were turning 29 for the second time. My birthday is the 20th and I always say I am turning 29 for the third time lol!
    So glad you had TWO lovely birthday dinners. 🙂


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