Thank You Notes.

Mother-Daughter Date at Republique earlier this year.

Mother-Daughter Date at Republique earlier this year.

Thank you, Smudge, for not going in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom and peeing on the duvet while Mommy was out at dinner even though your Mommy was kind of a dum-dum and didn’t close the bedroom door all the way.

Thank you, Mom, for coming over to help me take off and replace my license plates, change every light bulb in my house, take me to get my car serviced, and then still want to take me out to a lovely dinner.

Thank you, Hubby, for giving up your comfortable home-life to go in search of opportunities for our future family and me.  Your sacrifices do not go unappreciated.  It’s like you are a pioneer back in the Old West!

Thank you, Chiara, for writing me yesterday even though you were celebrating with your own family to check-in on me because you knew the anniversary of my father’s passing was Christmas day.

Thank you, MIL and FIL, for taking me under your wing as if I was one of your own, especially with your son living in another city.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to do that, but I think you’re wonderful.

Thank you, winter, for my cold sheets and the crisp air.  I’m enjoying lighting candles and becoming one with the blankets.



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