Holiday Break 2014.

I’ve got to admit, this has been kind of a strange winter break.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO happy to have a winter break at all.  I’m beginning to realize how not entirely standard that is.

I finally get to do what I always dream of doing-sit in my amazing bed, take naps on and off, finish The Sopranos, stay in my sweatpants for days on end, eat leftovers and do absolutely nothing.  I know I should be appreciative, but I’m actually a little restless.  I think it can be hard, when you’re used to a busy schedule or a certain routine, to completely turn that off.  I find myself sort of wishing away the days until Jan. 1 when Max comes home.  I just can’t wait to begin our 5 days together. That is the longest I’ll have seen him since he left for SF in July.  When I talk to him, he tells me not to wish my days off away because doing nothing exactly as described above is kind of my perfect scenario.  He reminds me that he is working and that he is jealous.  I should not take this time off for granted.

Plus, I have done SOME stuff.

  • got new license plates, got my car serviced, got a new grill for my car-all in 1 day, you guys!
  • changed every light bulb in my house. (I know this is not the first time I’ve mentioned this, but it was kind of a big deal.)
  • Washed the sheets and duvet cover.  My most despised chore.
  • Had dinner with Mom at The Wallace, which was a new one for me, but right in my area.  I’m glad to know about this place.  Great, unique small plates.  Kind of upscale.  This is someplace I could take my husband.
  • Showed my brother around Surfas and had lunch at their cafe.  I remember when Max first introduced me to Surfas.  I can spend hours there.

Ok-so that’s really it, but it is not as “nothing” as it seemed.

I’ll just be honest and say that I’m begging for some adventure in my life.  Instagram and Facebook remind me pretty consistently that many of my acquaintances are taking fabulous exotic vacations right now.  Some of my friends are just on little lovers retreats.  Whatever-any of those would be acceptable to me.

I just want to see something I’ve never seen before that takes my breath away.  I want to explore a new town or temple or museum.  I want to move to San Francisco and see what starting a life in a new city would be like, probably pretty f-ing scary, but I’m ready for the mix-up.

Max and my first trip together. Japan 2006.

Max and my first trip together. Japan 2006.  Look at his long hair! Oh, college days.

For now, I’ll be working on appreciating my actual life and doing away with my jealousy over what others are currently experiencing.  I guess this is the start of some kind of New Year’s resolution, but I never make those.  Just know I’m going to be putting in some work on improving myself in this way.  Also, gotta take off those 5 lbs or so gained over the holidays!


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