If You Can’t Improve Your Circumstances, Improve Yourself.

The reason for my long absence from blogging is kind of private.  Well, one of the reasons is private.  The others that sort of also contributed to me not writing are not private, so I will list them briefly.

For one, I had some technical difficulties with my site that are still not fully resolved.  When I first signed up to start blogging, I figured I needed to put a little bit of money where my mouth is to keep me writing consistently, so I purchased the domain therocklawbster.com.  I thought that after a while of blogging on WordPress, I would take my blog over to my fancy domain.  That is not easy.  Or possibly, I am computer illiterate.  As you can tell, I still don’t have the clean domain up and working, and I don’t know if or when I ever will.

Secondly, I took a few photography classes and just began my Photoshop class last night.  I’ve taken a few pictures with the DSLR, but I’m still just trying to get the hang of it.  I guess I’ve been a little embarrassed to share because, unlike writing, photography (or anything even remotely visual) does not come naturally to me AT ALL.  Oh how I’ve wished it did!  But still, I want to try new things and develop a little bit of whatever is left of my left brain.  I was recently speaking to my friend who is a big-shot attorney up in SF, and we were both talking about how being so professional in our daily work lives makes connecting with our creativity a real task, something to strive at; to connect with any creativity you may have left sneaking around in there between your ears or in your heart.  Between the rigors of college, law school, and practicing as legal professionals, anything but brevity and expressions like, “please circle back with me” or “can I get your thoughts on this matter?” or “please advise” goes very much unappreciated.  No flowery prose in our world anymore, but for both of us, there used to be lots.  To combat this stifling, he takes Japanese lessons, works out at the gym twice a day, and plays in a band.  On my part, I’m trying to put some words on digital paper, learning how to document the things I see and feel, and learning how to show them to the world in the best possible light.  I want the world to see what I see in my subjects (generally my family and friends), so I’m taking steps to make that a reality.  P.S. Photoshop is f-ing hard as hell.

Lastly, the private reason I have not been blogging is because I was presented with the possibility of some amazing opportunity over the holidays.  I pursued it with everything I had in me.  So did Max.  So did everyone.  It would have made life an absolute dream.  In the end, it didn’t end up working out and I was devastated.  So was Max.  So was everyone.

So consider this me bouncing back from yet another disappointment and be on the lookout for major changes in the coming year.

A few of my pictures (camera only, no editing on Photoshop yet) below:

Mom Malanga's dog. My brother, Charlie.

Mom Malanga’s dog. My brother, Charlie.

Our Smudge.

Our Smudge.

Lunch at Zuni

Lunch at Zuni

He's so handsome.

He’s so handsome.


So, psh, I don’t know.  I like them because they are certainly the nicest photographs I’ve ever taken, but perhaps I’m biased because the subjects are so dear to me.

But I can tell you this right now, if I go down in history forever, with only one photograph remaining of what I actually look like, I hope it’s the one captioned “Lunch at Zuni”.  That looks like “me”.


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