Food Famous

Max came down to LA for the longest visit yet in January.  He was able to stay for almost 5 days!  It was wonderful!  Yes, he was primarily in LA to visit the cat (kidding-sort of), but he also had work to do in the way of networking, so I happily accompanied him on his work adventures.

Making reservations and going to restaurants in Los Angeles is something to which I am very accustomed, but doing so with this new Max was an entirely different experience.  I would venture to say, based on the treatment we received *almost* everywhere we went that my husband may just be….food famous.

Max flew into town January 1st.  We may have missed celebrating true New Year’s Eve together, but I could not care less!

Better late than never!

Better late than never!

That night we went on our first restaurant adventure at Chi Spacca.  Can you say MEAT? That’s what this place is all about and they do it so very well.

Just by way of example.

Just by way of example.

This place is one of Max’s favorites in LA, and if I were you, I’d take his word for it, because dude knows the industry, especially LA.  Once they realized who Max “has become”, tasting boards came out of the kitchen and we were able to sample lots of lovely meaty items.  Little did I know this was just the beginning and would only get more absurd!

Day 2:

On January 2, Max and I went somewhere I knew he would not be noticed, but also somewhere I crave constantly, Tsujita on Sawtelle.  I don’t go often because not everyone has the same dedication to food and an hour long wait can be off-putting.  We would not be deterred.  We waited.  And it was COLD for Los Angeles, so good for us. haha.



Here I am clutching my tea because, as I said, it was COLD outside.

Here I am clutching my tea because, as I said, it was COLD outside!


Later that day, Dave, the maitre d where Max works, came to stay with us for a few days as the restaurant was closed.  He was so patient with our Smudge.  Thank you, Dave!

Dave, like Max, is big into his sushi/Japanese, so Max and I took him to one of our local favorites for sushi, Mori Sushi.


We waited for our sushi bar seats at a large round table that gave a beautiful perspective of the intimate eatery.  We were also treated to some traditional Japanese New Year’s delicacies that were supposed to make me fertile and bring good luck, among other things.  I can’t attest to the effectiveness of either at this point. 🙂


What I can attest to is how gorgeous the handmade ceramics and plating was.

Later, we were joined by Flynn (our 16 year old chef pal) for sake and smiles with Chef.

From left to right: Me, Max, Chef, Flynn, & Dave

From left to right: Me, Max, Chef, Flynn, & Dave


I apologize for all the blur.  I guess I was having too much fun! Plus, I had not yet ventured into DSLR or Photoshop land.  I thought about going back and Photoshopping all of these to make them more palatable, but yeah, I’ve got a lot going on right now.  It didn’t make the cut.

Day 3:

The next morning we met up with Max’s parents for brunch at the highly trendy Superba Food & Bread.  Max’s parents arrived first and gave our name.  The wait was FOREVER.  When Max and I arrived, they had a table waiting for all 5 of us.  We walked right in.



We all wondered what to order and then…out came the parade of food.



MORE pastries!

MORE pastries!

We had some hearty, breakfasty food, too, but the pastries and bread are prettier and what Superba Food & Bread is known for.  Chef Lincoln Carson came out to say hello to Max and Dave.  What a great guy!


Then he sent us on our way, each with a bag full of homemade breads!  You guys, we got party favors!


Bag o' bread

Bag o’ bread

That night, we had our fanciest reservation at Providence.  Nothing new to report there.  Still one of the best restaurants in LA, hands down! Dave took a lot of pictures that night.  I did not.

Day 4:

We began the day with a visit to a newer LA restaurant that I’m pretty sure the gods ordained by a brunch spot because of the airy, gorgeous patio.  This was when my mother, brother & Allie, and my guncles Uncle Wen & Brian got to visit with Max.  We have to make sure to hit all the family members when he comes down for a visit!

We didn’t bother ordering-between Max’s relationship with the owner and maitre d, we just had them send out about two of everything.  I took food pictures, but I’m honestly more interested in seeing my mom and husband celebrating and happy together!


Yeah-Photoshop may have helped my shadow situation here.  So be it.  Look how cute they are! It makes my heart happy.

By this point, after a very heavy, delightful and love-filled brunch at Terrine, I felt like I could stop eating for a bit.  That was not in the cards, you guys.  max was not done “working”.

We ended up at a gathering at one of our friends’ restaurants called smoke.oil.salt.  I had never been, but always wanted to go on Paella Sunday.  That is the specialty of the house.  It was more of a wine group than anything, but the food was no joke either.  Little known fact: Max almost took a job at this restaurant before his current workplace came ‘a callin’.

We started with some smaller bites for all the tables-what I’m showing is just a small sampling of what was served at this gathering.


Then on to the main courses:

Paeella Verda. Rabbit, pork, bomba rice, artichokes, garrofo beans

Paeella Verda. Rabbit, pork, bomba rice, artichokes, garrofo beans

Paella de arros negre. Squid ink paella, carabineros (giant mediteranean prawns).

Paella de arros negre. Squid ink paella, carabineros (giant mediteranean prawns).

Wagyu and two kinds of sausage, blood sausage and chorizo

Wagyu and two kinds of sausage, blood sausage and chorizo

Max and I were sated to be sure.


The next day, Max left bright and early to be at work that evening.

Yes, he wore the same sweater everywhere we went.


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