Trying Not To Look My Age

I’ve been reading a lot about women turning 30.  Not like “30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30” or “30 Books Every Twenty-Something Must Read Before Turning 30”-For once, I don’t need a list, I need a guide.  And not so much a guide as reassurance that I’m a normal human being.  I wanted that sweet, sweet validation of knowing that other 29 year-olds are out there Googling what it is like to turn 30.  I got it in spades.

I also got the notion that people, seemingly mostly women (though maybe we just blog more), seem to have these introspective moments, assessing life and whatnot, around ages that end in “9”.  That makes sense-new decade.  You are wanting to take stock of what you’ve accomplished in this past decade and find out what’s around the corner.

I also started looking at myself in the mirror a lot more.  Looking at my face.  I’m not a child anymore-there are lines now and an uneven complexion.  It was as if they appeared overnight.  I had never noticed them and then *poof* I have wrinkles.

Stock Photo

Stock Photo

I’ll admit that I panicked.  I took many, many photos of the spot between my eyes where my worst wrinkles had developed.  I drove around looking in the rearview mirror to see what face it is I must make incessantly that would cause these deep lines on my nose.  Scruntching my nose? Yawning, perhaps?

Anyway, I’m not one to be obsessive without looking for a solution, so my next internet exploration became for the fountain of youth.  I will tell you that I haven’t been doing these things for very long, but I am thrilled so far with the results.  My skin is more hydrated and softer, but it is an overall lifestyle change, not just beauty products I’m talking about.

Megan’s New Youth Regimen:

I should start by saying that if you are looking for the all-natural approach, I’m not your girl.  I know I shouldn’t but I wash my hair far too often and use products that have all sorts of chemicals in them, I’m sure.  I’m more results-oriented, and I am sort of of the opinion that chemicals are not always bad.  Everything in moderation, yes?

In The Morning:

Anyway, I wake up (and now it is fucking dark outside-lovely, just lovely), and generally I hop directly into the shower.  I wash my face with Cetaphil as I always have and use a light scrub brush to exfoliate in the shower while my pores are soft and open.  This part is new-I now use coconut oil when I get out of the shower to moisturize my legs, arms and general body. Then I use Cetaphil with SPF 15 (age spots-I got’em) on my hands, decolletage, and face.  I feel like it is important not to forget those hands and chest areas that are exposed to sun.  I never thought I needed to wear sunscreen since my life is basically house, car, office, car, house, but all my porcelain ladies keep telling me I do.  So does my dermatologist.  They say just the time sitting in the car can age your skin as the sun streams through your window.  I’m thinking, my hands and neck are getting the brunt of that sun.  I really don’t want old hands.

This is all to say nothing about my teeth & gum regimen, which has always been tip-top. I’m a dental hygienist’s dream.  Perhaps more on that later.

I also make sure to always wear sunglasses now.  I just can’t afford any more squints.  That was my favorite part of switching up my skin-care routine because I bought some amazing sunglasses from Banana Republic.  Medical necessity, ya know?

I make sure to do yoga and stretch even if I can’t make it to a class.  I specifically need to do heart-openers, because my chest is naturally tight and I sit at a desk all day and hunch over.  This puts stress on my shoulders and upper back, as my tight chest muscles pull my shoulders in.  If I’m not making it to a yoga class, I’ll just do some heart openers at home in my bathroom doorway.


At Work:

While at work, I’m trying to drinking water constantly.  This is also a hard one for me.  I don’t really dig water.  I allow myself one diet soda/day (unless it is a weekend, when rules never apply), and I always have it with dinner.  I just tend not to drink much during the day.  However, knowing what I know now about how it helps keep your skin looking youthful, I’m really trying.  It is my biggest failure on this youth regiment project to date.  I have only had tea today.  Reminder: do better 🙂

At Night:

When I go to sleep, I start by heavily covering my face in Albolene.  Apparently, this is some old drag queen trick that they’ve all been keeping from me.  I guess its primary purpose is as a make-up remover-heavy duty stuff, but people have found that it actually opens up your pores and moisturizes, too.  I learned about it The Frisky. Read all about it!  There is a apparently tons of stuff you can do with this product.  Who the fuck knew?


Next, I head to my feet and Vaseline up my heels and any callouses.  I have feet that break those little machines that are supposed to shave off your callouses.  My mom puts one in my stocking every year (hint, hint) and every year, I break it.  I go hard on my feet.   I’ve begun sleeping in socks, which is new to me also, but is kind of nice because I wear my husband’s socks and it makes me think of him.  I put the Vaseline on my elbows, too, as they tend to be dry and crack.  Then I put the Albolene all over my hands, specifically targeting my cuticles.  My manicurist always gives me a lecture about how I let them get so dry.  Let’s see what she says today.

For my lips, I use Vaseline and scrub them lightly with a toothbrush.  I picked this trick up when I went shopping for lipstick with my friend Susan.  She is a make-up maven, so I asked her how she manages to wear lipstick all day without ending the day picking large flakes of skin off her lips.  When I wear lipstick, that is what happens and I hear it is very attractive haha.  She told me that, yeah, lipstick just makes your lips dry out.  It isn’t the product or me.  Just a fact of lipstick life.  She gave me several ways to easily combat chapped lips so they are always lipstick-ready, but this one seemed the easiest.  I like beauty for beginners, and she can get kind of advanced.  Good results with the Vaseline and a toothbrush, though.  I can actually wear lipstick now.  Wearing light chap stick throughout the day, I also find helpful for being lipstick ready.

Lastly, right before I lay my head on the pillow, I take a tissue and wipe off the excess Albolene.  When I wake up, I have a dewy glow and my pores are clear.

What do you guys do to keep your skin looking wrinkle-free and youthful?


4 thoughts on “Trying Not To Look My Age

    • Firstly, thanks for reading. I totally get that. I honestly did not think I would mind aging gracefully and naturally either, but when I did, I got freaked out. I think if you can be above those petty concerns and not worry about any of this at all, that’s ideal.


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