The Deluxe Apartment In The Sky

Last week I went up to San Francisco to try apartment hunting with Max and his parents.  I had picked out a few listings on Craigslist that I thought looked promising based on what Max has told me are the “acceptable” neighborhoods, but I really know nothing about San Francisco, its neighborhoods, or layout, so it was kind of a trial weekend search.

But guess what? We ended up in one of my Craigslist finds and we’ve signed the lease on our new San Francisco home!  If you know much about SF, I’m told this building is one you would recognize.  It is a 19 story complex built in the 1960s; very mid-century.  Kind of an architectural gem.  Max’s mom fell in love with the character of the building-both the architecture and the fact that when you exit the elevator you have to walk in a circle and you’d be right back at the elevators.  The whole building is round and each unit is kind of wedge-shaped.  We are pairing way down to 785 sq. feet.  City living, man. But, you guys-the views.  They make it all worth it.  There will be tons of natural light and, since I have to work in the tiny room that is my office, I’m so glad that it will be filled with light and airiness.

IMG_3169 copy

We ended up choosing the penthouse apartment.  As far as I can tell, that means only that it is on the top floor.  Again-the views! I am seeing housewarming parties on the Fourth of July in our future as a couple.  All our friends on our balcony-19 stories up and on top of a steep hill-watching the fireworks from all over the city 180 degrees.  That is, if the fog doesn’t shroud our visibility too much!

The building is just a short 2 block walk (and those two blocks, by the way, are a park) to Hayes Street.  Shopping, yoga studios, indie coffee shops and lunch spots.  It is also walking distance to Japan Town and Fillmore Street (for the high-end shopping experience. I can afford nothing there haha!)

My move date is 4/18.  I’ll be an official San Francisco resident.

Thanks for all the well-wishes!  Let me know if there are things I need to check out in SF about which I am likely clueless.  I’d love input.


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