This last weekend was Pride weekend in San Francisco.  The Pride parade was Sunday following the historic ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.  You can imagine what a cool event this was.  I feel like I got to witness something very special.

Max and I attended the Pride festival down the hill from our apartment at the Capital with some of his friends that work at the restaurant.  Max made me eggs and bacon in the morning.  Wow! The dude knows how to do a nice scramble these days.  I guess working in a restaurant teaches you some things.  Not that he hasn’t always had an aptitude for cooking.



We grabbed a half bottle of fancy champagne (#sommlife) and headed down the hill to the festival.


I had wanted to get there early enough to get a seat from which I could see the parade, but in trying to arrange things with our friends, we didn’t make it in time.  This little shorty could not see anything past the throngs of people.  Max owes me for that one, as I was pretty insistent on watching the parade.

Still we had a lively time watching all the unique characters and getting a little more in touch with our kinky sides! We took note of the fact that it was more a festival of love than anything else.  It wasn’t even a predominantly homosexual crowd.  There were tons of families and teenagers (with lots of booty hanging out. must be the new Halloween) and older people, and people who had their own thing going on.  A heterogenous gathering, for sure.  Lots of different types of people all happy to be there celebrating acceptance.



One of my very favorite of Max’s shirts.





The main stage.

The main stage.


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