Perhaps, out of the norm for lifestyle type blogs such as this tries to be, I don’t really have much of a 4th of July post for you.  I know it is a very festive holiday and there are tons of opportunities for photogenic scenes of america flags and sparklers; everything themed red, white, and blue.  I sort of longed for a 4th of July like that, but that just isn’t my life right now. I was just looking back over my post from when we first signed the lease on our apartment.  I actually thought we might have things enough together to have a house warming party by the 4th of July! Ha! It is as if I’ve never met us.  Suffice it to say, we don’t have our apartment together enough to host people, and we probably wouldn’t have very many people to host, anyway.

I worked the Friday before the 4th, so I didn’t have that holiday weekend vibe going on.  I actually didn’t even know office folks had the day off until my Facebook feed starting blowing up on Friday with pictures of BBQs and beaches.

On Saturday, the 4th, I had a great day walking around Hayes Valley.  I got an iced chai and everyone seemed to be out and about.  I love the people watching.  When I am most down, I find happiness going to a crowded brunch place and watching a group of girlfriends gossip and chat or sitting at a cafe watching a new couple navigate a relationship.  I had some solo dinner in Japantown.  I love having that so close by! I left the Japantown mall with a whole bunch of totally (un)necessary pastries and danishes.  I ate them while watching fireworks off my balcony at home.

It is not super unusual for me to be found in my own house the night of July 4th.  In fact, that seems to be how it has been the last few years.  Even when Max was around to celebrate with me, we usually ended up watching the local fireworks from our balcony.  That may actually BE the tradition, after all!

Having Japanese food, however awesome it was, on the 4th of July did feel slightly Un-American, and I was left craving a burger; a longing I tend to satisfy this coming weekend.  I just would totally die for a huge cheeseburger!

After I ate my SEVERAL large pastries on my balcony, I headed over to Max’s restaurant where I had some delicious cocktails, drank too much wine, and was generously served some dessert.  I definitely needed more sweets, don’t ya think?  It was nice to get to spend some time with Max on the 4th even though he was working.  I had tried to see if I could pick up some sparklers to bring to the restaurant staff-can you imagine!-but I found out that they may be illegal in SF and would require a trip to Chinatown that I was not about to make at night solo.

Drinks at Max's restaurant.

Drinks at Max’s restaurant.

Hope you and yours had a nice holiday weekend and celebrated our country with those you hold dearest.  There is some great stuff to celebrate about the good ol’ U.S. of A. this year!

City hall from the balcony...again.

City hall from the balcony…again.


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