This last weekend I finally got around to getting to one of San Francisco’s great Farmers Markets to check out the produce everyone raves about.  It was on my San Francisco tourist list to go see this “magical” produce for myself.  The produce does not disappoint, friends.

Max insisted I do my research and I learned in doing so that there are quite a lot of farmers markets in San Francisco.  Every neighborhood’s got one.  I guess that should not be surprising, and I guess LA has that going on, too, to a certain extent.  I would love to check out many as they all offer different things.  Some have great views, but a smaller selection of vendors.  Others have the very best vendors, but are only open Wednesdays, which precluded a visit this time.  Also, I wanted a good size market so that we’d have some walking around to do.  Sundays are my big day out!


I have a special memory of finding joy when it had been absent for a while by walking with Max around the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  The colors remind me of the beauty in the world.  I find farmers markets one of the more pleasant places one can find oneself.


When I read about Heart of the City Farmers Market, I knew it would be the one for this weekend’s outing.  It was described as one of the larger ones in a cool neighborhood that’s not as gentrified making for good people watching.  There was also a review somewhere that mentioned a good number of free samples.  Priorities.


I did help myself to some of those free samples.  We had a free sample of this artichoke hummus that was out of this world.  We walked away with a small container.


We shared a Samosa from a well-known vendor in the area and I purchased some zucchini for a dish I had planned to make this week.  But more on that another time.  More photos from our Sunday at The Heart of the City Farmers Market below:





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