Worthwhile Trip to Sam’s


You can’t say I’m not a woman of my word.  I said I would satisfy my hankering for a good old fashioned American cheeseburger, and lo and behold, I bring you “a trip to Sam’s“.

The saga begins on the 4th of July.  I was walking around Hayes Valley and there was a vendor making hotdogs, presumably for the holiday, as I don’t recall ever seeing him there before.  I thought about getting one because it would be totally in the spirit of things, but just looked longingly as I walked past.  Later I went to Max’s restaurant where I had fancy cocktails and desserts.  I knew then as I was sitting at the bar that this simply would not do.  I would have to find myself a cheeseburger…another time because it was already past midnight and I turn into a pumpkin around then.

I did a fair amount of research-meaning I asked Max where the best cheeseburger in San Francisco was, he told me Sam’s (he included that he had eaten there at 3 in the morning one time.  I didn’t ask.), and then I independently confirmed with the collective Internet.  That’s hard science right there.

Once Saturday rolled around, I was excited to make my trek to Sam’s.  It was a decently lengthy walk, but this was, like, the big plan for the day, so I could spare the time.  I figured if I was tired, I’d just Uber home, but I’m happy to report I walked BOTH freakin’ ways.  I mean, when all the day really calls for is stuffing your face with one of Anthony Bourdain’s Top 3 Burgers in the World (and fries and a  coke), walking is probably a good idea.

My walk was better than I anticipated.  I got to see some cool parts of the city that I’ve only seen from cars.  I walked from the Tenderloin, Union Square, Chinatown, and Nob Hill.  I got close to the Embarcadero.  I impressed myself walking home through Nob Hill, and yes, my calves were fairly sore the next day, but the views were glorious and that Fairmont Hotel there-swanky.  It was worth the uphill climb.  Also-trolleys!

Union Square

Union Square


I arrived at Sam’s and took a seat at the counter across from the T-shirts for sale that read “That’s a good motherfucking burger! Top 3 in the world!”-Anthony Bourdain.  Max is a diehard Bourdain fan, so that was kind of neat.  I would tell him, but he already knows.  We haven’t discussed it, but, believe me, he already knows.  I ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

It is just one dude there manning the grill and serving.  He was curt, but not too intimidating.  He seemed chummy with one of the other customers.



The BURGER! Actually, can we just go back right now? Because I’m thinking about this burger now, and I took a spin class today, and, and…this burger is freakin’ fantastic! Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life.  I would say it reminds of an In-N-Out burger, but better.  Something about it was so authentic, though.  And it was cheesy.  It was a treat for both my eyes and my palate.  I mean-look at it-it’s a thing of beauty!


And even though it wasn’t super cheap, and I kind of feel that burgers should be cheap as a matter of principle, I will be back to Sam’s for sure-probably soon.  I satisfied my craving from a week prior and explored my new city in an afternoon; a beautiful afternoon at that.

A few more pictures from my outing to Sam’s below:



Cat a local bodega

Cat a local bodega


I love the guy on the motorcycle pointing.  Is he pointing at Sam's?

I love the guy on the motorcycle pointing. Is he pointing at Sam’s?



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