Spreckles Lake

Every Sunday I try to think of something sort of creative and fun for Max and I to do together.  I think I mentioned that when I moved up here I had a romantic idea that Max and I would freakin conquer this city.  I think in a lot of ways we actually are dominating pretty hard up here, but exploring new things with my partner is the thing I really look forward to.  It sustains me throughout the week when Max and I are apart.  I’ve been known to toss around a few ideas for the next weekend in bed with Max Monday night.  It excites me that much.

The other day, I decided we needed to take a field trip to Golden Gate Park to see the buffalo.  Max isn’t super into nature or scenic views, which can be so frustrating, but the dude can always be counted on to want to hang with animals.  Friends were telling us the the buffalo thing is tourist-y and nothing special, but I figured if the buffalo suck, there was still all of Golden Gate Park to explore.

Big parks like Golden Gate Park are interesting in that they have all these little sections for different activities.  We walked around just a very small section of the Park and saw tons of stuff.  Right when we got out of the car, we were immediately drawn to the small lake across the way.  There were just tons of people there and colorful things; clearly something going on.  Turns out at Spreckles Lake on Sundays they have motorized model boat time.  It was hard to look away!  It was so entrancing!


So first of all-all different kinds of boats.  There were tow boats, yachts, tanker ships, a freakin’ small person on a small jet ski.  They have construction boats that move small pieces of pvc pipe around the docks.  The docks are intricate, too!  Small structures with people inside on slated wooden docks that are the length of my forearm.  I used to love collecting miniatures when I was young, so I loved looking at all the details on the boats.  Max was so taken with the boats.  And we were both taken with the boats’ owners.



Our favorite was the proud owner of a steam ship.  He would take pictures of it from all different angles as it sailed around.  He was obviously well-known to the motorized model boating community of Spreckles Lake.

There seemed to be some kind of turf war between the motorized boats and the sail boats, as one of the sailboats ended up caught amongst the obstacles set out for the motor boats.  Oh-the uproar!  It was stupendous!  Max and I made up backstories for all the people.  We saw one guy showing his girlfriend/wife how to drive a model boat using these weird goggles.  We guessed at what it was all about.

Of course when we got home Max researched this whole motorized model boat community to death, as he is prone to do, and learned that the goggles allowed them to see from the perspective of the boat.  These boats are used for battles.  Just something else we’ll have to go see sometime-the model boat battles with the futuristic goggles.  He also learned the origin of Spreckles Lake (we toyed with naming our future dog Spreckles because we both fell in love with the name of this little lake) is the sugar-fortune heir and San Francisco Parks Commission President Adolph B. Spreckels.  So much wonderful, useless knowledge in that beautiful head of his!

We did go see the buffalo and it was kind of neat.  Max didn’t think it was fair to call them a herd of buffalo because there was only six, but I argued that any ore than 4 buffalo constitute a herd. These are the really important discussions, ya know


There are some buffalo in there. Promise.



On our way back to the boats (because f-yeah, we were totally going back for more crazy model boating!), we came across the practice fly fishing area where they allow people to practice casting.  We watched them for a bit and wondered why they don’t just go to an actual lake.  Again, the big questions.  We also talked about family and our future and blah blah blah, but mainly we talked about BOATS.  Max has already asked me when we are going back to watch more boats.  So funny what gets him off.


Once we made it back to Spreckles Lake, we ordered a pretzel and a hot dog and made ourselves at home on a bench between the motor boats and the sailboats.  We sat there talking and not talking for a long time.






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