Chankonabe is All The Rage

I have a quick need to brag about the mad skills of this handsome man that I get to enjoy from time to time.

My person

My person

Max has always been super good in the kitchen.  Our library is 99% cookbooks and books about food and wine, and he READS THEM, you guys! He actually sits in bed eating Goldfish crackers and reading recipes from the world’s greatest restaurants.  He’s like really, really good in the kitchen, and I was lucky enough to get to enjoy that through law school and several years thereafter.  Coming home to a meal based off a French Laundry recipe or Alinea.  Not too shabby.

Max cooking for our friends in 2009.

Max cooking for our friends in 2009.

These days Max isn’t afforded a lot of time in the kitchen, and when we decide to make dinner at home he veers toward simplicity and always, always Japanese food.  The other night we had a “family night” in together and he prepared a rendition of Chankonabe;  a Japanese stew commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.  Clearly, it required some alterations.


Anyway-look how beautifully it turned out.  It was so healthy and fresh.  We were both able to eat the leftovers, too.  Bonus!



So grateful to have this guy to introduce me to new things all the time like sumo-wrestler stew.  Delicious and super pretty to look at.  Not unlike the man, himself (Not sorry for the terrible sappy joke.  Ok-a little sorry)


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