What I’m Watching: Parenthood & Trainwreck

I maintain a lot of lists.  They ease my mind.  But my favorite lists to work my way through are definitely the lists of television shows and movies that I want to watch.  I’ve had some great love affairs with items from those lists-The Sopranos, The Wire, Parks & Recreation, to name a few.

I’m in the midst of a deep, deep love affair, you guys.  It is distracting.  I think about it in my sleep and can’t wait to finish working for the day so I can dive deeper and deeper into this new world.  I’ve started watching Parenthood.

Ya know, it’s funny.  When the show was on, my mom was a big fan and she would recommend it to me often.  I guess there is a storyline at some point involving a recording studio.  My mom always thought I’d get a kick out of watching that, what with Max working in music at the time.  I don’t know if it’s the same plot line or another, but Max’s cousin’s band is also featured at some point.  I never did watch it.  I thought it might be too sappy.  I can’t say I was wholly off-base there, actually, but I was very, very wrong to think it wasn’t also wonderful.

So here I am, years later.  The series ended this year.  And I finally caught on.  I cannot get enough Parenthood in my days, in my life!

The story focuses on a family-a husband and wife, their 4 adult kids, and their grandkids.  And the cast! Crazytown. Some great people like Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Peter Krause, and Craig T. Nelson (remember Coach?  My dad really liked Coach).  Every character is lovable and every character is flawed.  Sometimes I think I relate more to Kristina Braverman because she is a little anxious and she probably also keeps lists of TV shows she needs to catch-up on.  Sometimes I think-No-I’m more like Julia because she is an attorney who has to navigate professionalism and family.  And that’s the great thing-the experiences are relatable and that is true for each character across the board.

The show tackles issues that touch many families when you look at that many generations.  They deal with autism, racism, infidelity, drugs, romantic relationships, and all the rest, but above all, the show is about family and love.  At the end of each episode, whatever drama occurred over the last hour, your heart is warmed.  That feel-good feeling is addicting!

What can I say? If you haven’t seen Parenthood, you should start now! Or at the very least, add it to your list.

The other thing I’ve got to rave about is the movie Trainwreck, still currently in theaters!  Go!

I’ve been following Amy Schumer for years now.  I can’t say I followed her closely, but I was aware of her status as a Comedy Central Roast regular, I had seen her stand-up specials, and irregularly watched her sketch series on Comedy Central.  So clearly, I always thought she was funny, but I did not see her blowing up like she has.  I’m glad she’s caught on like she has because it allowed her the opportunity to write and star in her first feature film Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow, another steady favorite of mine.

The movie is basically a typical romantic comedy, but with the gender roles reversed.  If Amy met the perfect man, these are all the ways she would go about fucking that up.  Her love interest is the always-hilarious Bill Hader, as a sports medicine doctor.  The movie makes you uncomfortable (in a good way), shoves some truth down your throat, and a few times had me laughing uncontrollably.  Like a squeal.  Like no air.

I mean-don’t take the kids or anything, but go see it even if you are like me and don’t get to the movies much.

Side note to this story: I went to see Trainwreck by myself because Max doesn’t like going tot he movies, and Mark Zuckerberg was at my 5PM showing.  Boo-ya!  First SF celeb sighting.  It’s not LA, but good show, SF, good show.


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