National Ice Cream Day in Hayes Valley

Ever heard of National Ice Cream Day? I’m new to this holiday this year, but it is celebrated on the third Sunday in July in the United States.  In truth, ice cream isn’t even so much my thing.  I find it kind of painful, but it was a good excuse to meet up with some friends in Hayes Valley for the day.

We met our friends, Dave and Martha, at Biergarten in the Proxy development in Hayes Valley.  The Proxy is a cohort of shipping containers in at Hayes and Octavia that includes Smitten Ice CreamRitual CoffeeBiergarten, Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours, and a host of other installations-dudes are always swinging on the monkey bars.

Dave & Martha

Dave & Martha

The other half of the area is like a small grassy park called Patricia’s Green with some more jungle gym type equipment, benches and, recently, the return of David Best’s Temple.  The Temple is an art installation of intricately carved wood.  Pens and markers have been left out so people can write messages on the structure.


I’m a regular at Ritual, but hadn’t checked out the rest of what is sort of like our little town square.  Max started the day off with a humorously large beer and we enjoyed some snacks.  I had a cider, which is sort of the perfect alcoholic beverage for me.  Allows me to fit in with the cool kids drinking their beers (ick!).




 It was just the most lovely day outside.  I wore a strappy jumper!  I thought those days were over for me, guys.  I figured tank tops were strictly relegated to trips to LA and working out.  The weather, I’m told, has been unseasonably warm, but I’m not complaining.  There is plenty of time the rest of the year for this LA girl to freeze my butt off.  I’m in no rush.

Max, Martha, & Dave walkin' around Hayes.

Max, Martha, & Dave walkin’ around Hayes.

After snacking and drinking at Biergarten, we visited another Hayes Valley drinking spot, Brass Tacks.  The best seat at this bar is sitting looking out the large, open front window onto Hayes Street.  I learned something here-businesses in San Francisco do not have air conditioning, so if it happens to be a little uncomfortably warm, you are SOL, my friend.  I was sweating in some unattractive ways.  But as soon as we stepped outside again, the lovely breeze had me feeling fine.

Instead of dinner, we all decided to celebrate our very first National Ice Cream Day with bespoke ice cream from Smitten.  Max and I split a cone and had some yummy toppings on the side!






With sticky hands, we walked back up the hill to our house after spending the day exploring our neighborhood.  We were tuckered out!

We may have stopped at In-N-Out later that night because dinner.


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