Chefs Feed Cookout

Oh my gosh! I never thought I’d be sitting here in a sun dress in my San Francisco apartment just dying over how hot it is.  I think it is eighty-something degrees outside right now, and I know that doesn’t sound too crazy, but it is uncomfortable.  I thought moving to San Francisco would have me living in my collared shirts and sweaters uniform, but good old global warming has made it a super warm summer here.  Of course, I would pick today to bake a freakin’ pie…but more on that another time.

Chefs Feed Cookout on the Beach

Chefs Feed Cookout on the Beach

I actually want to talk about an SF-based startup called Chefs Feed.  The app is kind of like Yelp for chefs’ reviews.  It collects the food recommendations of chefs in various cities.  I believe they are in about 24 cities now.

I was fortunate enough to speak with the wife of founder, Jared Rivera, and she was explaining the process of collecting all of this information.  They had funding to fly to all of the different locales they would be reviewing, but had to produce the content and turn it in to their investors before they would receive their ticket to the next location.  She talked of many nights sleeping on friends’ floors and editing video footage late into the night, but how cool to accomplish something like that with your spouse!  I know they are very proud of what Chefs Feed has become.

So, in late July, the owners and founders of Chefs Feed decided to do a video segment with the chef/owner of Max’s restaurant.  The idea was to cook all the food out on the beach and have a big, hearty party atmosphere.  Some of the management from Max’s restaurant were invited to be party-goers, so I was just fortunate enough to get to tag along.


We drove out to Muir Beach-gosh-beautiful place.  Besides driving along the coast and a few weekends in Carmel, I have never really spent any time on an Northern California beach.  They have such a different look than Southern California beaches.  They tend to border forest and have all these gorgeous craggy rocks jutting out of the ocean.  It is like a more intense kind of beach, I guess I’d say.  It looks more “active”, if that makes any sense.




Of course Max and his cohorts brought TONS of wine, champagne, and spirits.  I think we all could have done without having to lug a tub full of liquor across a beach and over a bunch of rocks, but when we got there, it was worth it.



The nude beach we occupied was full of the “food famous” of San Francisco.  Chefs, somms, managers, publicists, and, ya know, me.



The chefs were preparing a whole goat over the beach fire.  They were also grilling trout, various vegetables (including squash, eggplant, and corn), and a creamy cheese that they served with freshly baked bread.  Everything was to be eaten with your hands and was served on a piece of banana leaf, in which many things were also grilled.  There was supposed to be crab, as well, but the seas started getting rough and no one wanted to go back out into the water to retrieve the traps! haha!  I’m pretty sure no one missed the crab.  There was certainly more than enough to eat and a gorgeous, colorful, natural, and joyous looking spread in all.






Not only did I feast on delicious food prepared by some of the best food professionals in San Francisco, I did so on a glistening beach during the freakin’ magic hour with my hubs and new friends.


Check out some of the photos below and check out Chefs Feed, too, while you’re at it!




Always muggin'

Always muggin’


Real men carry their ladies' purses across the rocks ;)

Real men carry their ladies’ purses across the rocks 😉

Gratuitous Golden Gate shot on the way back into the city.

Gratuitous Golden Gate shot on the way back into the city.


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