Family Visits San Francisco, Part I

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  These days Mondays feel like some weird extension of the weekend because Max is off work.  I work, but since I work from home-often from bed-it has a way of easing me back into the workweek that I’ve never experienced before.  Don’t get me wrong now.  I still fall into a light despair on Sunday nights, but the actuality of working on Monday is easier to take.

Sunday, Max and I went to see Straight Outta Compton, which was a rare treat for me in that Max does not see movies in theaters.  He has a really hard time focusing for that length of time in that sort of environment.  He was really a sport to take me on a real-ass date like that! haha!  We got candy and a giant soda-oh yes-we did it up correctly.


I digress-Saturday I was on my own (as I generally am on Saturdays), so I dropped Max off at work, grabbed a latte, and headed to Baker Beach, where I read for hours.  It was not a sunny day and this is not a Malibu beach, but it was really lovely.  Certainly beats sitting in the house all day.  It was pleasantly cool.  Kites were flown.  Friends drank beer and picnicked.  Baker Beach is one of the spots Uncle Wen took me when he, my mom, and Brian (“My Parents”) came to visit the other weekend.

This visit of My Parents was my very first time ever hosting family in my city.  Because, think about it, I’ve never lived in a city apart from “my parents”, so in Los Angeles, my mom or in-laws are doing the hosting.  When my brother lived in San Diego, he hosted.  I’ve simply never been in that position.  I realized it was kind of a big “adulting” moment from the beginning, but as it approached, it became pretty important to me that Max and I come off as fully realized humans; capable beings. I wanted my mom to drive outta SF thinking, “Cool.  I did it.” and feel at peace with that.  I can truthfully say it was a grand success.

My Parents decided to road-trip it up to San Francisco, and they arrived on Thursday night.  I worked on Friday, but gave them a recommendation for lunch.  They were going to see an old friend of Uncle Wen’s, anyway.  They went to Tartine Bakery, where they lunched with their Broadway director friend and his standard poodle.  I’m super jealous-still haven’t been.  They only confirmed my suspicions that it is super great, and I’m seriously missing out. hehe.  But it’s all cool, ‘cuz I live here.

Lot of glasses at Max's restaurant.

Lot of glasses at Max’s restaurant.

 We got them into Max’s restaurant for dinner, and they were kind enough to invite me.  Perhaps we are biases (nah!), but the wines were the very best part!  My mother gracefully drank everyone under the table.  Totally killed it.  She is so proud of Max and his crazy talents.  It was such a cool thing that My Parents were able to experience Max doing his thing.  It’s so funny-my mom will swear up and down she’s not into a certain varietal of wine, but when Max picks it out, she ALWAYS digs it; always.  So that was a very special evening for me, and I hope it was for them, as well.  Max works so hard and, I mean, the whole team really just dies a little bit every day for this restaurant, so I’m thankful My Parents were able to see why we do what we do.

Max and I were able to straight-up school My parents on food & beverage in SF.  Thankfully, or that would have been a very sad state of affairs, indeed.  However, Uncle Wen is the San Francisco OG.  In the ’70s, he and one of my other Guncles, Jack, bartender and owned a gay bar here.  He lived in San Francisco for many, many years before moving to Los Angeles, and, dare I say, may consider San Francisco his truest home.  He’s dying, DYING, for me to fall in love with San Francisco.  We all know I have my reservations, but I could tell the whole visit he was selling this city!  I get it, I get it.  I’m, like, continuing the legacy of dominating San Francisco, and he wants me to get it mother freaking right. haha.  Part of their visit was Uncle Wen’s tour of San Francisco hidden gems.  I will share some of them for you in this and another post that will cover My Parents’ visit to San Francisco

Fort Mason

Fort Mason




Saturday morning, we started with a trip to Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason Center.  It is vegetarian, so you might not think it would be all that, but it totally is.  I mean-the view alone.  Stunning.  Apparently, it has been around forever, and so have all the other little artist colony shops, theater companies, and galleries at Fort Mason.  Food is great.  I will be back for brunch when I make friends who are women, but yeah-it’s all about the view.  (I also learned from Uncle Wen that the Safeway there is where all the single women used to go to pick-up guys.  What? The grocery store? I go the market in sweatpants and bra-less.  I sure hope no one is looking at me like that.  I don’t know if that’s still the case, of course, but apparently it was.)

The Presido

The Presidio


Model Disneyland, you guys!

Model Disneyland, you guys!


We drove along the water to the Presidio to visit the Disney Family Museum.  Disney is kind of a “thing” for my family, if you will, because my dad worked for Disney for many years.  There are many reasons we have very warm feelings about the Disney Company.  But it actually might have been Brian who really wanted to go there.  It was great!  Another beautiful place to find yourself, first of all, and also a really lovely and interesting museum.  Max would have hated it, so I’m glad he was working, but I’m so glad I was able to go!



My favorite part was the section with all this WWII propaganda.  I mean, you don’t think about it, but yeah, everyone was on board with that shit, even Mickey Mouse.  It is such a funky juxtaposition to see Mickey with explosives or a poster for a cartoon co-starring Donald Duck and Hitler.

So much love for this!

So much love for this!

Oh, wait-I have two favorite parts.  The other one is this special Academy Award for Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.  It’s too cute, too perfect.

Uncle Wen and Me. My first time at Baker Beach.

Uncle Wen and Me. My first time at Baker Beach.


When Uncle Wen and I were finally able to drag my mom and Brian out of the Disney Museum, Uncle Wen took me to Baker Beach. His reasons for showing me Baker Beach were (1) excellent parking situation; (2) sick Golden Gate Bridge views; (3) not as touristy as some of the other beaches with comparable soft sandy beach.  I’m such a sucker for places with good parking!


Brian and me.

For dinner, we drove out to Berkeley to Chez Panisse.  I’d been once before with Max when I was in college, actually.  We had driven up to Berkeley to visit my friend, Laura, who was in school there.  We had a double date at Chez Panisse and then did whippets at her boyfriends’ brother’s apartment.  Ah, college! haha



Max always says that eating at Chez Panisse reminds him of eating at Grandma’s house.  While I get where’s he’s coming from, it is probably a higher end experience than most people have at their grandma’s houses.  After a crazytown meal the night before, eating at Chez Panisse was a comfortable way to go for My Parents’ second night in town.

Goofin' with mom. Heart explosion!

Goofin’ with mom. Heart explosion!

I’ll fill you in on Sunday and Monday of My Parents’ visit to San Francisco soon in another post.  Also, Brian took a ton of pictures that I’m sure he’s editing the crap out of right now.  If/when I can get my hands on those, they will be up on here, too!


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