In My Kitchen: Peach Pie


Dude, you guys, it is August 31st, the last day of August, which means if I am going to do a post on what was happenin’ in my kitchen in August, it has to happen right now! Especially because we’re talking peach pie.

To me, peach pie is the ultimate summer baking item.  My mom always made peach pies in the summertime, and they really aren’t appropriate for any other time of the year.  So amazing with vanilla ice cream that it really would be a shame to miss having a homemade peach pie this summer!

As always, I disclaim this post by saying that I am no pro in the kitchen (especially considering the types I hang around with these days) and that I’m always far too prideful of my kitchen successes just because they don’t suck.  So with that in mind, let’s all admire my INCREDIBLE peach pie! haha

So, this here is the recipe I used. I highly recommend it.  This other attendant link wasn’t on the site when I was baking, but I just read it now and definitely suggest you read this part too.


Everyone warns about making pie crust from scratch.  Dear God, don’t over-develop that gluten! But, since I hardly understand what that means, I was kind of naive when I went into this process.  I think that was probably for the better because, from what I understand from this “what I learned” post, some of the technique may not be what seasoned bakers are used to.  I echo the sentiment.  Trust the technique! Trust Ben!  (Ben Mims is the author of the Summer Peach Pie recipe on Saveur that I used.)  I didn’t overthink it-didn’t know to-and my crust was not only easy to make, but literally perfect.

Some people may not need that S'mores frappacino, but I sure did.

Some people may not need that S’mores Frappucino, but I sure did.

So here’s what ya need:

For the pie crust:

3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. kosher salt
2 sticks chilled unsalted butter, cut into 12-inch cubes
12 cup ice-cold water

For the peach filling:

12 cup granulated sugar
14 cup corn starch
1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp. bourbon
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. kosher salt
12 tsp. ground cinnamon
14 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
4 lb. peeled and pitted peaches, thawed if frozen, chopped or cut into thin wedges
1 large egg, lightly beaten
Turbinado sugar, such as Sugar in the Raw, to garnish




Also, no one told me this until after I complained about my pie filling, but all the peaches should be ripe.  In other words, do not go to the farmers market or grocery store, buy your peaches, and try to cook your pie that night, because under-ripe peaches make the pie filling too starchy; almost like it needs more time to cook.  According to my mother, who makes many pies, you can also put them in boiling water for a bit and then blanche in cold water, and it helps get the skins off and also brings out more of the juices.  I happened to have had two peaches that were already ripe that I had intended to eat, so at least some of my peaches were amazing.



I had never made a lattice pattern before and, for some reason, I expected that might be hard or something.  It’s not.  Super easy.

To me, the hardest, or more accurately, the most tedious part of this whole event is cutting up the peaches.  My knife skills are sub-par to the say the least, so whenever a lot of chopping or slicing is involved, it gets old for me real fast. For anyone worth their salt in the kitchen who doesn’t have issues cutting peaches (haha), this recipe should be an even greater success than mine was and should take you no time or effort at all basically.


I was able to share my pie with our good friend Eugene and his girlfriend Lishon when we went to Eugene’s loft in Oakland later.  We paired it with Ben & Jerry’s-to die! In fact, some of us reheated the pie in the microwave, which even solved the problem of the slightly under-ripe filling.  All in all, a job well done, Megan. See-that’s that pie pride, right there.  I only wish I had some pictures of us all enjoying it to share.

Pie Pride!

Pie Pride!

As we move into fall, I’ll still be taking some looks back on summer activities yet to be logged here.  It will be a good way to keep the summer alive into September.


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