Some days the writing comes naturally, and some days not so much.  Today is one of the days where coming here to write feels a little strained, which is actually kind of ironic given that this is the first post on which I’ve worked over a series of weeks to put together. Still, it is an important part of this mental exercise for me to update regularly, as practice leads to perfect and all.

Speaking of exercise, one of the first things I did when I moved here was join my gym.  It is very important for me to have a schedule, and an exercise routine is generally a large part of that for me.  Like lots of little girls, I danced when I was young until middle school.  Then in high school, when I started paying a bit more attention to what I was eating and how my body looked, I started taking classes in  Pilates Reformer (as opposed to mat), and it became one of the loves of my life.  I was super into Pilates all through high school and into college.  In my college apartment I had a Pilates Reformer machine; just got rid of it when we moved up here.  Moving the equipment from a Pilates studio to my home is when I realized the importance, for me personally, in having my exercise routine be tied to an appointment that I make with someone else.  I need the accountability and also the company.

Over the years, I’ve joined many gyms and tried many different activities-yoga, aerial yoga, barre, ballet, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, a little running here and there (although, seriously, is there anything worse than running?), a little of everything.  From what I understand, a little of everything is the way to go to keep from falling into a rut. Keeping your body going “huh?” “wha?” is the most effective way to exercise.  It keeps your muscles on their toes and it provides stimulus for the mind.  Enter Studiomix.


Studiomix is on the third floor of this fantastic building on Van Ness.

Studiomix is on the third floor of this fantastic building on Van Ness.

After morning classes, I come for coffee, but they do juices, salads, wraps, etc.

After morning classes, I come for coffee, but they do juices, salads, wraps, etc.

Studiomix is a gym, and you can use it just like a regular old gym if you so choose, but it offers classes of all different types all day long.  You can become a regular at the Wednesday morning Barre Mix class or, if you have the flexibility, you can take classes of all sorts and almost never repeat.



Before a TRX class I took!

Before a TRX class I took!

Since I work from home these days, I do have that kind of flexibility and it has allowed me to have such a great experience with Studiomix.  I book my classes in advance on their app, so that provides me with the accountability, and I get to take a wide variety of classes, so I’m always learning something new and growing in my overall practice.

When I first joined, I started with yoga, barre, and cycling; activities with which I am pretty comfortable.  However, I’ve since started expanding into uncharted territory.


I tried rock climbing on the indoor rock wall.  Not to toot my own horn here, but the instructor said it was hard to believe it was my first time climbing because I was quick to get up the wall and made it up pretty high my very first time up. toot toot. After about three times up, though, all of me hurt, including my fingers from gripping the wall.  I couldn’t turn a doorknob for a few days there.

This is how high I made it my first time up!

This is how high I made it my first time up!

This week I went back and took the real introduction course during which they teach you how to belay and do safety checks so that you can use the rock wall on your own.  I have to go back for my belay test before I can use the wall during “free climb” time, and honestly, I prefer climbing with an instructor at this point anyway, so I may hold off on that for a bit.

My very favorite thing, I think, are the dance classes.  I am NOT good.   In fact, I actually thought I was better than I’ve proven to be and that I had more rhythm than I have. Oops! All the Pumpkin Spice lattes in the world have never made me feel as white as I did in the Zumba class, but it is a lot of fun. I hate working out (despite how much it appears I do it), and the time passes the most quickly for me during a dance class.  I also feel sweaty and like I got a great workout.  I like to pretend I’m on one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance (P.S. Jim was robbed!).

Studiomix should freakin pay me for such a wild endorsement, but they don’t.  As of now and for the ever foreseeable future, I only write about things I feel like writing about, and I really felt like giving a shout out to this place I’ve come to spend so much time. Next up, I’m hoping to tackle some martial arts classes!

Below: I’m the creep who set up her iPhone to video her dance class in secret.  Thankfully, my dignity remains somewhat intact in that you can only see my legs.  I guess you can probably see me in the mirror if you take out a magnifying glass hehe.  But check out the instructor and the girl in the green sports bra, right? They rock.  I wish I looked nearly that good doing this.


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