Max Goes to Bordeaux

Max has been away in France on business the last week or so.  He comes home tomorrow.  I feel really good about that.  I feel like every time we reunite after being apart, we are so excited to be together, to be married, and to be moving forward together.  Nice feelings.

So while Max has been off visiting Chateaus like this….


and eating amazing cuisine like this…


I’ve been having my own fun.  When the cat’s away and whatnot.  And I’ve had plenty of company while he’s been gone.  My mom came to visit me and stayed with me at my apartment.  It was a casual stay, but I must admit, it was kind of comforting to go to sleep with my mom sitting next to me reading in the bed.  I sort of missed that when she left.


My best friend Arin and her husband were in SF for brunch this morning and we got to meet up.  It was THE BEST.  They are my very favorite people to see in the WORLD.


Seeing familiar and comforting faces has been nice, especially with Max away, though I’m sure he would have loved to have brunched with us today (but he seems to be getting by just fine).


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