Urban Air Market

IMG_4223It is time to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already.  I’ve already taken care of a number of my nearest and dearest (in large part because some of us exchange lists with links to the items online-really makes it simple).  Still, it was a nice excuse to walk around Hayes Valley on a nice day when the Urban Air Market set-up on Hayes.


Urban Air Market travels around the city featuring sustainable design. They feature a ton of really sick independent artists and designers.  Vendors were set up around The Proxy selling everything from fashion and accessories to body products to home decor, furniture and art.

Took a few of these home with me.

Took a few of these home with me.




I am super into plants lately.  I just can’t get enough green into my home, so I purchased a few air plants and looked longingly at succulents in cool, unexpected vases.


The market also had a nice community feel to it with local food vendors and activities for adults and children alike.


Add a tile to the mosaic!

Add a tile to the mosaic!

My happy face :)

My happy face 🙂


The Urban Air Market makes its next appearance at Pier 70 on December 13, 2015 with a holidays theme!  Get in your last minute gifts!


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