Christmas Skate Date


It’s funny how the things we love most in life are usually also the things that can drive us the most batty.  This goes for people, too.  Like those we love the most have the ability to get under our skin-because we CARE.

Christmastime is no exception to this rule.  Because I love Christmas so much and want it to be so magical, I also find it to be a rather stressful time of year, which is why I haven’t been able to come here to update my blog as regularly as I’d have liked.

However, with the employment of several lists and all the time management I can muster, I’ve managed to complete most of my tasks for the holiday and will be, after this weekend, where I want to be with my holiday prep.

Still, the most important thing is to enjoy the season.  Being in the city, there isn’t much of a natural wintery feeling going on (oh-besides it suddenly becoming freezing and raining all the time.  SF, where did that come from, huh?), so we faked it and went to Union Square to go ice skating.


The rink is small and gets crowded and chewed up quickly, but we actually thought it was worth it for the price, and we only stayed about a half hour actually skating.


Max isn’t usually one for the outdoors (does this count?) or athletics (does this count?), so I thought I’d likely school him on skates, but he was surprisingly quick and, for the most part, stayed on his feet.  He definitely lapped me a few times.  Clearly, my idea was to make my base as wide as possible to avoid falling down, as you can see from my wide-legged, old lady stance.  Whatever.  It worked.  Didn’t fall once! Ha!



I tried to take a video of Max and his mad skating skills, but holding my phone and trying to stay upright proved too difficult for me, so pictures will have to suffice this year!


Obligatory hipster feet picture!

P.S. Hot chocolate is essential, so Pro Tip, if you are going skating in Union Square, the nearest hot chocolate is at the Starbucks up the street.  The nearby hotels do not have it-I did the research for you.


Me when Max convinced me to accompany him to a hotel bar across the street because they would “for sure” have hot chocolate. They did not.



Me when we bit the bullet and went to Starbucks and I got my hot chocolate.  Mission accomplished!







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