A Weekend In Napa at the Cardinale House

Today is my birthday! I’m 30 years old. Birthdays are great at helping to show you all the love you have in your life-I’ve been lucky enough to be flooded with texts and phone calls and Facebook wishes.  There is certainly a common theme: You’re 30! How does it feel?

It actually works out nicely for me because I have always felt like my 30s were gonna be good for me.  My dad used to say I was born 30 years old, and I’m just looking forward to the things that come with a more adult life-buying a house, having children-all that.

I always enjoy that little bit of time every year when Max has turned a year older, but I still haven’t.  I get to say I’m with an older man. Haha!

As part of his 30th birthday celebration (but really, it was more of an excuse to do this really cool thing with cool people), we were given the run of this beautiful guest house up in Napa that belongs to the Cardinale Winery.

We invited some friends to stay with us there and threw a dinner party!


Cardinale was such an incredible host.  When we arrived, the estate’s farmer hand-delivered us a box of farm fresh, picked that very day produce and herbs.  The boys who would be cooking, including Max, decided to prepare a pork loin to go with all these amazing fresh veggies, so we headed over to Oxbow Public Market to get the rest of what we needed.




While we were there we visited Gott’s Roadside for burgers and hotdogs.  The ahi burger is just nuts good! So that’s my recommendation if you hit up Gott’s, but honestly, I’m fairly sure you can’t go wrong.  Everyone enjoyed what they got at Gott’s (ha!-I’m such a dork).




Once we got back, we spent the evening playing games, talking, and drinking excellent wine, of course.  Eventually, the boys started cooking and made us a really awesome meal.  It was so cool to be gathered around this epic table in this gorgeous house (all decorated for Christmas, by the way!) with a bunch of our favorite people.  There was a lot of wine talk, but my friend, Martha, and I had many other substantive non-wine conversations without the boys!





Thank you, Cardinale! It was an amazing weekend never to be forgotten.



We are so lucky to get to have all these incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  As I’m looking back on the photos of the weekend, I almost have to pinch myself.  Life doesn’t get much better than this!


5 thoughts on “A Weekend In Napa at the Cardinale House

    • Yes, it was a total blast! The view was lovely, as you can see. I actually think it helped that it was overcast because it really highlighted those deep oranges and browns.

      I have to admit that with my husband working in the restaurant industry, I do eat very well! haha! We are stupid lucky that we get to bring along some actual San Francisco chefs (aka our friends) with us to our dinner parties.

      I hope you had happy holidays. I love following along on your blog!



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