Good Stuff: Sephora Custom Makeover Gift



So, here’s a neat thing.  The Sephora Beauty Studio Custom Makeover Gift.  I first learned of this sweet gift card when I received it for Christmas from my brother’s very classically stylish girlfriend.  As a result, she is also currently winning in my book for giving the sickest gifts!

This gift card to Sephora advises you to “Take Your Look To The Next Level” when you redeem your gift card for the selected dollar amount of products from Sephora (dope), AND receive a 45 or 90 minute custom makeover with an expert make-up artist in-store.  Over-the-top coolness!

Here’s why this idea is brilliant: it is the gift of a really special, luxe experience that the recipient may not otherwise feel comfy indulging in (right? It seems extra splurgy).  Or maybe that’s just me.

Immediately, I thought of how useful this will be for weddings.  At those special nuptials, you want to look gorgeous.  Maybe you rent a dress.  You’d probably like to get your makeup done.  This gift card takes care of that for you.  All you have left to do is book it.

And with Sephora locations just about everywhere these days, I’m confident about using it when I attend my friend Laura’s wedding in Joshua Tree this year.  There are 2 locations in near-by Palm Desert!

Bonus: Adding to the cuteness of this small, but epic package-a compact mirror allowing me to see myself much closer up than I ever wanted to. Yikes. You have been warned hehe.



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