Introducing Roulot


aka Roo.

Look at his sweet face! He is the newest member of our family and joins his sister Smudge, our Maincoon.  We could not be happier with our little adoptee, as he has been nothing but super sweet and docile since we took him home over the weekend.  Personally, I think the best word to describe our little Roo is Unflappable. Nothing fazes this guy!

I had been looking for weeks on for a pooch to add to our brood.  I’d had a few near hits that ended up being misses for one reason or another, but came across Roo and sent his picture to Max who decided he had a “good face”. I arranged to FaceTime with the fosters of our little buddy because he was living pretty far away in Oakdale, and Max and I wanted more information about him and his personality before we committed to the road trip.  After the FaceTime session, Max and I both agreed that we would drive out there, and if everything that they conveyed to us during the call was true, we would be taking him home with us.


Our adoption photo.  S/O to The ASTRO Foundation.

Roo is my new partner is San Francisco adventures.  My plan is to be one of those annoying people who can’t seem to go anywhere without their dog.  It will be nice to finally have a friend along for the ride!


First visit to the P-A-R-K


First visit to the P-A-R-K

P.S. A quick note about pet adoption.  Do it! Let me tell you, puppies are overrated.  Granted, they are absurdly cute for about 6 months, and then, guess what? they’re dogs.  And even though you get a lot of input into their upbringing, you still never know what you’re getting.  Taking on a puppy is a lot of responsibility and is basically a full-time job.

I do plan to get a puppy for my young children some day because I am only human and cannot resist the thought of baby humans and baby animals hanging out and forming a lifelong bond.  I had that in my childhood with our family dog.  Max had the same.

But truly I’ve had the best experiences adopting our animals.  I’ve had two wonderful, sweet doggies and 1 beautiful, majestic cat and they’ve all been rescues.  And Smudge is a purebred Maincoon, so breed rescues are a thing, and you should check them out if you’re into that sorta thing.

Plus, there is something amazing that happens to your heart when you adopt a pet.  You have this feeling that you have saved a life or at least helped better a life, and in addition, you have a new bff.  All upsides.  They give back tenfold all the love you give to them.  Just sayin’



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