Good Stuff: Chocolate Twist


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When my mom and Uncle Wen stayed with us over Valentine’s Day weekend (and yes, I realize this is over a month ago now), they came bearing flowers and chocolate.  Ever so appropriate.  But this was no ordinary box of chocolate.  It was a box full of treats from Chocolate Twist!

Chocolate Twist is the brainchild of Kate Coffey who goes by “The Queen of Twist” or simply “The Queen” on the candy’s website and is operated out of and mostly sold in retail stores around Illinois, but of course you can place online orders.

The flavors are unexpected and whimsical and oh so very on-trend.  The Queen collaborates with other local artisans to source ingredients, relying on companies from Chicago and the surrounding area to supply the best pretzels, jams, and other items for her unique products.

Our box came filled with caramels, chocolate candy bars, and a peanut butter cup.   We had the peanut butter pretzel & rosemary Cheezit white chocolate candy bars, which feature a bittersweet chocolate ganache layered on top of a caramel base. The caramels were to die. The addictive beer and pretzel caramels are embedded with bits of crunchy pretzels.  The soy balsamic caramels were just the right bit of strange tangy.  But the burnt toast caramels completely stole the show. Apparently, Oprah is a fan, as well, so you know it has to be good stuff.

I would encourage going to the site and checking out the rest of odd, yet irresistible-sounding treats they make.  I can attest that a combo pack like ours makes an excellent, tasty gift, but there’s also nothing wrong with just sampling on your own!



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