Berkeley Bowl on Valentine’s Day


So now that a month has gone by, lets finally talk about Valentine’s Day. Ha! Just a tad behind, right?

This year was cool because Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday, which meant that Max was actually off work and available to spend the holiday with me.  My mom and Uncle Wen were in town and stayed with us for the weekend, and during the weeks leading up to their visit Max and I toyed with going for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day with everyone.  But, ya know, when it comes right down to it, Valentine’s Day is The. Worst. day to go out to eat at all but the neighborhoodyist of neighborhood joints.  You get a shitty tasting menu and they charge you more for it.

Instead, we all day-tripped to Berkeley hitting up Acme Bread‘s original location before heading to the massive and OMG Berkeley Bowl.  Then Max cooked up a delicious meal and we all sat around our tiny table in our small San Francisco apartment.  It was intimate and beautiful-all the things Valentine’s Day should always be.

Pictures from our day in Berkeley and our night in below.





And, of course, no celebration would be complete without a cheese plate and a bottle of champagne sabered off the balcony!



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