10 Year Anniversary of “US”


A week ago Max and I celebrated 1o years together.  We’ve been married for just about 2 years, but still like to acknowledge our dating anniversary because its is honestly just a better representation of where we are in our relationship.

Those 8 years preceding our marriage are extremely important to our understanding of ourselves as a couple and represent almost a decade of building a life together before we decided on a date to formalize things.

I think the fact that we started dating at 20 when I was in college and continue to be super into each other today and make such an epic team is due to equal parts luck and our efforts to make it so.  Two people went into this relationship and two very different people are in it today because, well, it all began 10 years ago.  We have different interests and different needs now than we did then.  We have been through some terribly difficult things that have changed us.  The circumstances of our lives are entirely changed from what they were when we started dating multiple times over. And “we” have existed in all of those realities as a sort of constant.

So cheers to a decade together.  It is just a random notch in time in a very long continuum together when we can stop and kind of appreciate our good fortune and pat ourselves on the back for what we’ve enjoyed to date.  The next day we start work on 11 years together and so on.


Max and team were super kind to me and invited me in for dinner at the restaurant to celebrate.


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