In My Kitchen: March-Detox Veggie Stew


Eep!  I guess the writing everyday thing isn’t really working out so far.  Partly because as Max pointed out this morning “No one comments on [Megan’s] blog anymore.” But when I was sitting here just now thinking about how to spend the next hour or so, I remembered that I started this blog for me, and so it shall continue on at whatever speed makes me happy.

I’ve been devoting all my time (and most of my mental fortitude) recently to dealing with our puppy, Roo’s, separation anxiety.  It started out mild and has steadily gotten worse.  It is impossible to leave him alone now.  We are working with some professionals because apparently dog separation anxiety is a big deal.


Poor Roo. (And poor me for having to clean up after an anxious pup)

It is rather consuming of my time and energy with so much at stake, so I haven’t been going to the gym.  I even put my membership on a one-month hold.  Because of that, I’m extra conscious of what I’m putting into my body right now.  When the only exercise I’m getting is via copious dog walks, I need food that will minimize the damage I’m doing with my more sedentary life right now 🙂

So this family soup recipe seems appropriate.  I hesitate to even call it a recipe when the entirety of it is comprised of stewing down every veggie you can get your hands on in a giant pot with chicken broth, but it is thing of beauty that should be shared so that everyone knows how delicious this non-recipe is.

Now, it is a soup (aka hot), and I did make this in February after my mom left as a way to sort of detox from all the deliciousness we consumed together, but I think it works for any time you need to jumpstart a new period of healthier eating.  My mom used to make this for us regularly, and when I found out you can eat for a week off one pot I started making it regularly, too!

All I can say is that this soup/stew is more than the sum of its individual veggie parts.  When all are combined and time and heat have worked their magic, you have a surprisingly hearty and satisfying meal.


Step 1: Chop all your veg.  The only veggie I don’t recommend throwing in is spinach.  Somehow doesn’t work.


Step 2 (and Last Step): Stew in a giant stock pot for many hours until all the veggies are cooked down and soft.

Add a swirl of ketchup on top for the acid if you want to do it old school.


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