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Welcome to my blog. I’m giving this a shot because I used to love journaling as a young adult and lost my inspiration to record my life somewhere along the line. I think I also lost some appreciation for it, so I’m trying some public journaling to see what comes of it.

This blog is where I intend to share some of my life with my new husband and my maincoon with you all.

A bit about my husband and me: Max and I met in 2005 while I was attending USC and he had just “graduated” from Berklee College of Music and moved home to Santa Monica. After overcoming the heartbreak of being dumped by my high school sweetheart, I started going to parties he and his roommates would hold at their house in one of the worst areas around USC. Lo and behold, my future husband was there and he asked me out and we dated…and we dated….and we dated….for 8 years. Finally, in May of 2014, after I had graduated law school, we made our commitment to our “little family” official and married.

Our beautiful goddess of a cat is named Smudge. Max says she is our “queen”. Can’t argue with that.


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